There’s a home screen for everyone.

Android is the only operating system that let’s you create one-of-a-kind homescreens.
But not everyone knows the possibilities of customization.
The #myAndroid campaign helped people put their own personality into their phones.
Unless they didn't like their own personality, in which case they could just stick with what they've got.

We created a super complex scientific test (which included unicorns, piñatas and hot dogs) to help people find the home screens of their dreams.

My Android Taste Test image

We asked questions that gathered data about your fave designs, like:

We asked quetions about functionality preferences, like:

And some questions were just for fun. Because why not?

Based on your taste,
we served up three fresh home screens.

You could preview them right on your phone.
Then tap to download all the goods from the Google Play Store.

And if you needed help getting started, you could brush up on your Android skills with #myAndroid Basics.

And then, we made this awesome truck.

The #myAndroid truck is a customizable truck for the most customizable OS.
We took the whole campaign on the road to SXSW where people used a custom-built control panel to customize the truck in real time.

image of My Android truck image of My Android truck image of My Android truck
image of My Android truck image of My Android truck image of My Android truck
#myAndroid was a hit!

Here are some fun numbers from the first two weeks of the campaign:

Upvotes to get the Taste Test on the Front Page of Reddit
Individual LEDs on the #myAndroid Truck
4m 15s
Average session duration on #myAndroid website
Of people answered “hot dogs” over “legs” on the #myAndroid Taste Test
Miles of a wire inside the #myAndroid Truck
Party button on the #myAndroid truck