Sausage Dome

Behold the Johnsonville Sausage Dome: the first-ever reality sausage competition to finally find the greatest of gameday cuisine. Sausage fans from far and wide came to face the judgement of Johnsonville’s elite sausage experts, the Sausage Six, with hopes of their recipe living on forever in Johnsonville’s Big Game Binder.

In 2017, Johnsonville wanted its sausage to be the most snacked-on snack at Big Game parties. To do so, they couldn’t just push out any Game Day recipes; they needed to find the most earth shattering dishes around. But how could a sweet family-owned company from Sheboygan unearth the most elite sausage treats out there? An all-out sausage reality show, of course.

We partnered with the acclaimed makers of Swamp Hunters, to bring the world Sausage Dome: a show in which real sausage fans from all around America pitch their Game Day grub to six real-life Johnsonville employees also known as “The Sausage Six.” In each episode, three contestants, ranging from a 13-year-old wonder chef to an Italian grandma, give it their all for a chance to have their recipe immortalized as a Johnsonville’s Official Game Day recipe. The stakes have never been higher for a sausage-related competition on the internet…

This. Is. Sausage Dome!

Sausage Dome Episode 1: A Twist of Fate

Sausage Dome Episode 2: Tears of Glory

Sausage Dome Episode 3: Brat Justice