The Truth Is

In a new political landscape where objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion, our aim was to place The Times at the center of the conversation about the importance of a free press.

After one of the most controversial and surprising election results in political history, we found ourselves in a post-truth world where objective facts were less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal beliefs.

With increasing ways to consume news, hyperbole being taken as fact and misinformation traveling faster than ever, consumers were questioning the validity of their news sources. This led to there being more attention on the role of news organizations and journalism than ever before.

We were tasked with developing a brand campaign that placed The New York Times at the center of the conversation about the importance of free press and reconfirming its role in today’s unique political circumstances. At the center of the campaign is a digital video that ran across YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. A bespoke version aired during the 2017 Academy Awards.

The goal was to make it clear that The New York Times is a trusted source for independent, deeply reported journalism and to drive subscriptions. We wanted to reaffirm to readers—old and new—that The Times was going to continue to report the hard truth.

Case Study
The Truth is Hard to Find: TV Commercial
The video went viral. We generated 20M views across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. We were the most searched for brand during the Oscars and featured as an official Twitter moment. 648 articles and TV segments generated 753M impressions and over $7 million in earned-media value. Readers used our print ads at protests, shared them on social media and framed them in their homes. We officially entered the zeitgeist when the campaign’s construct became a canvas for high-profile Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert parodies. The subscriber landing page hit the campaign goal in the first 4 days. We significantly lifted the conversion rates on subscription-driving banners, and increased our subscriber base by 100% versus the previous 6 weeks after being live just 24 hours. February became our single biggest month for subscriptions since the paywall introduction.