Under Armour
Unlike Any

Today, women in sports are accomplishing feats that have never been seen before, but their achievements are diminished by unnecessary comparison to their male counterparts. We collaborated with six poets to create odes that celebrate modern female athletes and their unique stories, giving them the reverence they deserve.

When female athletes perform incredible acts, they can’t be compared to anyone that came before. However, their success is still met with an asterisk and wrongfully standardized by gender.

In collaboration with lyricists and spoken-word artists, we paid tribute to six groundbreaking athletes–Misty Copeland, Natasha Hastings, Zhang Lanxin, Alison Désir, Jessie Graff and Lindsey Vonn–in a series of dedicated odes. While the poetry tells the women's stories, the camera observes their performance with unique rotating camera movements.

Whereas most female empowerment campaigns only recognize women through the lens of struggle, we celebrate them for their extraordinary abilities instead.

With the help of spoken word artists, we honor female athletes and their performance as unlike any.

For Misty Copeland, by Saul Williams

For Natasha Hastings, by Dominique Christina

For Zoe Zhang, by Aristophanes

For Alison Desir, by Aja Monet

In addition to the films, we launched “Unlike Any” with a suite of content, totalling 300 unique assets that lived across Under Armour’s social channels.

Following on the heels of the campaign, we released an anthemic music video set to Sampa The Great’s “F E M A L E”, which paid tribute to all female athletes everywhere. The film featured a cast of 27 athletes.


‘Unlike Any’ was Under Armour Women’s most expansive campaign to date, reaching audiences from all over the world. The collective films generated 16 million total views, and social mentions tripled, driving the highest ever spike in brand mentions. The campaign's message resonated with audiences, with 87 percent of mentions using the #unlikeany hashtag, and even inspired women to adopt the hashtag for posts about their personal workouts and achievements.